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We all need help occasionally! Your Dalex Design team is always here to help you make the most out of your website. Please complete our simple form below to begin a support ticket.

Its important that you understand our support types so we can set proper expectations.

Standard Request

This is the most common type of support request, typically these are requests that do not affect the overall functionality of your site, and might included things like a non-working link or formatting error, or a need for a password update.

Urgent Request

This type of request is used for errors that may affect the overall function of your site, or e-commerce store. Examples include, Store not accepting orders, or incorrect shipping calculations, Non-working pages, or sections.

Critical Request

These support requests are rare, but when they happen we need to jump to action quickly to restore your site. These requests include; non-functional site, hacked sites, or malware, or website errors (500, 301, Etc)

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