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How Website Design Can Make Or Break The SEO For Startups


Aug 2021
How Website Design Can Make Or Break The SEO For Startups

According to George Kocher of Entrepreneur magazine, a website’s design can make or break the SEO for most startups. When you think of search-engine optimization (SEO), keywords and meta descriptions are typically what come to mind – but content marketing is also an essential component in your strategy that many people overlook. However, it turns out there may be something even more important than these two factors: designing your site well! SEO consultant Charlie Silver SEO said that “Design and SEO work hand in glove. People often don’t optimize their site for SEO because they think it’s too hard to do, or doesn’t make a big difference.”

This might be surprising news to some entrepreneurs, but the truth is he is exactly right: Designing your website well can have an impact on how high you rank in Google searches. It also has a direct bearing on whether visitors become customers – which isn’t something you want to leave up to chance! This means every startup business needs a professionally designed website these days if its SEO strategy is going to be successful. One of the best ways startups can ensure success with both SEO & design? Hiring Dalex Design as your SEO and website designer *wink *wink!

In this blog post, we will explore how the design of your site can affect SEO rankings in Google searches. Here are some additional tips to help make sure you’re building an effective SEO strategy that includes both great content marketing as well as a professional-looking website:

Our Top SEO Tips

SEO Use Photos

– Use images on your site liberally – they not only look better but also improve SEO ranking by making it easier for search engines to index your pages. Make sure all photos have good captions because if these tags aren’t filled out correctly, then people won’t be able to find them when typing keywords like “dog” or “puppy”. You should caption each photo with what’s happening in the picture so other people can find the right photo when they search.

– SEO and Design work hand in glove, so make sure to hire a company like Dalex Design that has an impressive portfolio of successful SEO clients who are also experts at site design!

– There’s much more to SEO than keywords & meta descriptions – don’t forget about content marketing while you’re designing your website with SEO in mind. It turns out there might be something even more important than these two factors: designing your site well!

– Be conscious of how easy it is for people to navigate through pages on your website. If navigation isn’t intuitive, visitors will not spend as long browsing around the site or become lost trying to figure out where they need to go next…which will affect SEO rankings.

SEO Speed 1





– Speed is another important SEO factor to consider during the design process – your site should load quickly for visitors. Google’s crawling speed will be quicker, and people won’t have a frustrating experience where they feel like they’re waiting forever on one page of your website to load before being able to get to the next one.

– The content you choose not only needs good SEO keyword density but also has relevance with potential customers that are visiting your site so make sure it sounds natural when read aloud in order for search engines to pick up keywords correctly! You want them reading what you’ve written & interacting with it rather than simply scanning through pages or looking at images without clicking anything else because this can adversely affect SEO rankings as well.

– SEO for startups is a complicated process, but it doesn’t have to be! If you’re not sure how to go about designing your site with SEO in mind or what keywords are going to best suit the needs of your business, then hire someone like Dalex Design who will help you create an effective SEO strategy and design that helps drive traffic from Google searches.

– Make sure all URLs are short and sweet (e.g., johnsmithsblogpost), so people don’t lose interest & stop reading too soon because they keep having to type out long URL’s over again after logging off each time when they come back later on another computer device.

– Remember: Your website should also look good without any text on it. Visitors should be able to get a good sense of what your company is about from the design alone, and if they can’t – SEO rankings will suffer because visitors won’t spend as long interacting with your site or telling friends & family all about how much they love it!


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