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Nov 2020
New Music Friday: KADY – Truck Boy

KADY (pronounced kay – dee), is a country-pop band based in Los Angeles, CA. For members Drew Frey and Keturah Church,  since landing in LA almost four years ago, their lives have been about trusting the process and finding ways to make something out of nothing. Frey from a small town in south-central Pennsylvania and Church with close ties to the city of Philadelphia, the two couldn’t be more different.  For them, it’s never been about fitting in, instead finally accepting and being ok with standing out.  Their music and writing have always been a little this, a little that, combining influences from Frey’s country roots and Church’s pop and R&B background. KADY is their new project, focused on inspiring those who feel like they need permission to dream. It’s a voice that says it’s ok to “Go ahead, get lost”.

A light-hearted yet resounding summertime anthem, Truck Boy blends smooth pop synth layers with classic country tele licks.  Lyrically it’s Nashville’s take on the Los Angeles dating scene.  Highlighting a play on words, the song connects and empowers women everywhere who have ever dealt with a “Truck Boy”.

The debut single is just under 3 minutes of fun, fresh and catchy sounds with an energetic feel through out the track. The track starts off slow with some beautiful vocals by Ket but soon builds into a classic summer anthem with its upbeat sound and catchy lyrics that will get stuck in your head and you will be singing along to the song for the rest of the day as you go around doing your day to day jobs. Their sound is like nothing else I have heard before, I cannot say they remind me of another artist which is great, they have found and created their own unique sound which is needed to stand out.

The duo has created something I feel has a bit of a 90’s dance track feel to it but with a modern twist, their sound has a slight pop feel to it and along with its upbeat and catchy sound makes this track a joy to listen to.

This kind of music is not the sort of thing I would usually listen to and enjoy but this talented due have this memorable track packed full of energy, talent, and unique sounds which instantly grabbed my attention. I’m impressed with what I was hearing, I can’t wait to hear more from this talented duo.


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