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Florida Vibes

Prakas Company came to us via a referral from our friends at The Catalyst PR Group.  This Flordia based real estate company was looking to move onto a wordpress site, we built an entire solution to accomodate their expansive list of properties, and news updates.

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About Page

For a company with an extensive history in the the restaurant real estate world, it was important to showcase the experience to help set Prakas Co apart from the competition. 

Website design

meet the team

We implemented a page to showcase the entire Prakas & Co team to help site visitors quickly access their agent’s information, as well as view each agent’s restaurant listings.

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Contact Page

Jeremy Calloway was a long time Dalex Design Group client before taking a break from music. Upon his decision to return to touring, we worked with him to build out a clean yet modern website design to showcase his music. We also built out a dropshipping integration to allow for expanded merchandise options.