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Jul 2021
The Top 10 Ways Social Media Marketing Can Grow Your Business

Businesses, both large and small, around the world know that social media has taken over everything- and they know that it’s here to stay. If you haven’t had the opportunity yet to put in the time or effort necessary into cultivating a proper presence on the right platforms, fear not. It’s not too late. Today we want to talk about the top 10 ways social media marketing can grow your business. 

There are so many wonderful advantages to cultivating your brand on social media. Just to name a few, it can help you improve your customer service, it allows you to communicate with loyal customers and potential prospects alike, it helps you to engage with your audience and reach a whole new world of new audiences, it can even drive traffic to your website, and it helps you build credibility and authority.

To put it simply, a solid social media strategy can be massive for you. We could go on and on, but let’s get into it.

The Top 10 Ways Social Media Marketing Can Grow Your Business 

Number one, and probably most importantly…

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It Gets Your Name Out There!

By posting on a variety of social platforms, like Facebook and Instagram, there is a very good chance that your current customers, along with prospects, are likely to see your marketing efforts. Continuous contact with your material will make your customers start wanting to know more about your company. Social media will help get your name out there, and if you use it correctly, there is no way it will not be heard.

It Allows You to Connect with People All Over

One major benefit of social media is the fact that the platforms are accessible and used by millions of people, everywhere, all across the world. What does this mean for you? It means that your company has the ability to do business with a variety of different customers from anywhere in the world.

Social media offers businesses a great way to connect to people from all walks of life- and a great way to get customers that you may have never anticipated getting.

Reaches All Ages and Demographics

One thing about social media that we love is that it doesn’t discriminate. Social media defies age barriers.

While research has shown that the majority of people on social media are aged 18-29, a substantial amount is attributed to other ages as well. This includes 34% of Americans who are 65 and older.

No matter how young or old your target audience may be, chances are most of them have an online presence.

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There’s a Two-Way Communication

Social media gives businesses a tremendous gift in that it allows you to learn about your audience, their interests, and collect feedback.

You can ask your customers to share their thoughts, questions, and ideas to get to know them better. Imagine trying to do this in-person. It would be a little more difficult now, wouldn’t it?

Social Media Is a Perfect Opportunity for Customer Service

We know that providing stellar customer service is likely already a top priority for your small business. Along with the two-way communication street that social media provides with users, it offers a unique opportunity to step up your customer service game. With social media, you have the opportunity to provide instant gratification to your target audience and active users.

This is your chance to showcase just how much you care about providing a positive experience and ensure that no customer inquiry gets left behind. By monitoring social media for customer feedback and offering a great response, you can drive real business results.

Research shows that businesses that engage with customer service requests via social media earn 20-40 percent more revenue per customer! Don’t miss out on this great opportunity.

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Monitor Your Reputation

To slightly piggyback off of the customer service point,  we also want to talk about how social media can monitor your reputation. You see, there is an infinite number of online conversations that take place on a daily basis across social networking sites. Many of these discussions are about the public’s perception of various brands on the market- and the conversation is about both the good and the bad.

By utilizing these reputation management tools, you can monitor mentions of your brand on the Internet to promptly engage in any active conversations.

It may sound a little “big brother” like, but trust us, it isn’t. It’s all ethical, and it can go a long way in helping to convert a prospect that has been researching your brand to a viable customer.

In the event that, God forbid, negative feedback is being voiced, these monitoring tools also allow you to take action quickly before your brand can be damaged.

It Increases Sales

Social media marketing is there to help you increase sales and revenue. Think about it- that’s why it’s called social media marketing and not “social media relations.” It’s all about actual marketing.

For example, marketers can use promoted content and advertisements to sell products to target audiences who haven’t become fans of a brand yet. This ability to zero in and target particular audiences is one of the greatest benefits of social media marketing for businesses. Hands down, it’s a tremendous gift.

Like it or not, social networks know a lot about consumer interests and demographics. So even if there are millions upon millions of users out in the world, marketers can accurately and easily target the right people with the right message.

Fun fact: By 2022, advertisers are expected to spend over $56 billion on promoting their products on social media.

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It Helps You Keep an Eye on the Competition

If you’re a brick and mortar, imagine how cool it would be to easily walk next door and see what your competition is doing. Well, with social media, you are afforded this advantage.

Social media allows you to identify your top competitors and take a look at how active they are online. If all of your competitors are active on social media, you will want to start what’s called an audit.

Keep in mind, there’s no right or wrong number for how many companies you should include in a competitive social media audit, but keep it within reason. You’ll want to comb through their platforms to see a few different things, including: How they’re marketing their products or services, what kind of feedback and support their getting, how they handle customer support, and any campaigns they do.

It’s also important to know what customers are saying about your competitors.

For example, following and tracking mentions of your competitors might reveal pain points with their products or services that you need to address.

Monitoring the competition on social media also means you’ll be aware when your competitors do cool stuff – this includes launching new products, running promotions and beyond.

Ps. Don’t feel bad about spying – everyone does it at some point.

You Can Organize Contests, Giveaways, or Offer Discounts

Who doesn’t love discounts and giveaways? Regardless of the type of business you’re in, this method is super cost-effective and an impactful way to generate sales.

Contests and giveaways will increase the awareness of your service or product as customers excitedly share news about the discounts with their friends.

Not to mention, it’s fun!

Social Media Communicates Authority

In 2021, customers are becoming increasingly savvier and more discerning about which businesses they want to support. Before making a decision, almost all consumers will do a quick search to browse your website and social media.

The question is, what will they find when they look you up? Will they find an empty storefront, or will you have a rich source of information prepared?

Up to date social media channels with great content will build your brand’s authority and make sure you make a positive first impression through social media. As odd as this sounds, it shows that your business is trustworthy, knowledgeable, and approachable

The Top 10 Ways Social Media Marketing Can Grow Your Business

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It Adds Credibility

Just to echo our last sentiment, because it’s worth repeating: Social media gives you the opportunity to build trust with customers and develop loyal customers.

At the end of the day, social media is so much more than just a platform for promoting and selling your small businesses services or products. It’s about making an honest connection, and gaining loyal followers. If you’re willing to put the right amount of effort into it, social media can greatly benefit you and your business.

Just make sure that all of the content you post on your social media profiles is authentic, unique, relatable, and engaging for your audience.

To Wrap It Up

In conclusion, businesses who have a strong social media presence and branding will increase conversion rates, while those without active social media campaigns could lose potential customers.

Which business do you want to be? We think we already know the answer to that question.

For all of your social media needs with your business, Dalex Design Group is here for you. Take a look at our social media services HERE.

Ps. How has social media proven to be a wise business move for you? We want to hear about it! Tell us in the comments below!

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