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Mar 2022
The Top 12 Reasons Why Good Copy Is Powerful

In copywriting, there is only one true rule. When you are promoting your online business, you must write good copy and stay away from bad copy that can lose prospects, compromise your image and help put a smile on your competitors’ faces. The majority of people would sigh and say: “If only things were that simple…” Oh, but they are!

We can break this down into steps because it is so simple. Hence, today we are going to talk about…

The Top 12 Reasons Why Good Copy Is Powerful

But first thing first.

Copywriting isn’t a colorful rainbow of rainbows or a parade of flying unicorns: it’s more black and white. Either you can do it because your copy sells or you can’t and your copy is a waste of time and money.

Creating persuasive copy requires excellent writing skills, extensive knowledge, patience, passion, research, and empathy. The good news is that if you follow the rules and do everything in your power to improve your copywriting skills, you will achieve excellent results. But what exactly should you work on in order to see the first signs of improvements in the long term? Let’s dive in.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

We should be clear: overstuffed copy does not work. In fact, first-class copy should show your creativity, originality, and ability to think outside the box. You should emphasize your desire to captivate a broad, diverse audience and your ability to address the specific needs and requirements of each category of reader. Moreover, it should demonstrate that you are highly knowledgeable and capable of anticipating, analyzing, and explaining new trends and concepts faster than any of your main competitors. The bottom line is that a great copy shows your command of the English language.

In contrast, bad copy is a clear indication of laziness, sloppiness, ignorance, unmotivated, incompetence, or all of these. The worst kind of copy is one that has no value, which does not stimulate curiosity and interest in your readers or make them want to come back again. So how can you make your copy better?]

The Top 12 Reasons Why Good Copy Is Powerful

You’re Overthinking SEO

Well for starters, are you focusing too much on SEO? There are times when SEO rules need to be broken. Too much emphasis on SEO can kill your copy. You should at least ignore your current SEO strategies when it comes to developing:

Make Titles and Captivating Headlines

In order to achieve your SEO goals, can you create captivating, magnetic, attention-grabbing headlines and still include as many keywords as you wish? Possibly, but unlikely. It is easy for readers to spot high-quality content from cleverly disguised trash, and they are very savvy.

Create Shareable Content

Is it possible to ask writers to create creative, readable, original, client-focused content AND force them to incorporate a large number of keywords at the same time? Obviously not. Quality copy goes beyond keywords. Obviously, great copy is built around popular queries, in anticipation of and in response to the needs, expectations, and demands of a particular audience, but great copy does not employ aggressive SEO strategies that are visible to the naked eye. For a fabulous and shareable copy, here are a few rules to follow:

Pro Tip: Elicit an emotional response from your readers, be engaging, transparent, and empathetic.

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Keep Your Writing Tight

Keep your content piece short and simple; organize your paragraphs into smaller, well-organized ones to make it easier to read. If not, no matter how amazing your copy is, your readers will be bored to death.

Ditch That Old Second-Hand Material

You should rewrite what you were going to recycle and do expensive research to spot new information and prevailing trends. To stay current on things and facts that may interest you, you can utilize social media networking sites and special tools (Twitter, Facebook, Google Trends).

Get Visual

You can accomplish this by adding a fair number of relevant, quality images while maintaining an optimal balance between text and images.

If you refuse to upgrade your copywriting skills, you will pay for it. Site performance, keywords, and content are three of the most important factors that affect your SEO rankings. In fact, the same source reports that companies who blog receive up to 50% more traffic than those who do not.

Why Fabulously Good Copy Matters

Here are seven great reasons why good copy is an incredibly powerful ally for anybody running any kind of business on the internet.

Pssst… Good Copy Just Sells

Great copy tells a captivating story. As well as entertaining the readers, it motivates them to take action. With good copy, you can market your products in a highly effective manner to a wide audience that is eager to listen to what you have to say. An Eskimo could probably be convinced to buy a bathing suit by a successful copywriter. Different writers employ different selling tactics. Trial and error is the only way to find out which one will work best for you. Different selling methods should be tested to determine which are most effective.

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Try to Create a Long-Lasting Bond with Your Audience

By responding to your visitors’ questions, needs, and concerns, and cultivating their feedback, you can improve your relationship with them. Customers want to feel as if sellers are on the same page with them, regardless of whether they are buying a mansion or a box of cereal.

In addition to selling, quality copy helps you build long-lasting relationships with your audience. Don’t overlook this crucial aspect- especially since you may find that some of your old clients become ardent followers and brand evangelists, giving you the opportunity to increase brand awareness, diversify your clientele, and increase profits.

Good Copy Provides Noticeable Results

With great copy, you can launch an effective marketing campaign on time and within your budget. The most powerful marketing tool marketers have is top-notch copy that doesn’t consist of generic, boring sales pitches.

In terms of copywriting, it’s quite easy to tell the good from the bad. With the right copy, you will increase engagement on some of the most popular social media platforms and improve your conversion rates.

Your Writing Can Make You Powerful and Unique

The most important benefit of good copy is that it makes you memorable and gives your story a sense of authenticity. People who receive dozens of spam messages on a daily basis tend to think that every offer they encounter online is a scam. The right copy can help you create and promote a powerful, compelling story that can eliminate people’s concerns and preconceived ideas and just let them listen to what you have to say.

An experienced copywriter will be able to transform any product into the object of desire of a large audience by following this path. Copywriting is the fuel that lifts you to new heights. Your success is guaranteed if you stick to the image that you have created for yourself and use content pieces that will strengthen your relationship with your prospects.

You Can Embrace an Effective Signature Approach

Are you convinced that there is only one method for crafting compelling copy? That is not the case according to experts.

It is important for each copywriter to have their own style, their own methods for connecting with a certain audience, communicating a powerful message, and encouraging client feedback. I’m sorry, but there is no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” solution when it comes to copywriting.

It is obvious that no two ads are alike. For example, if you were selling luxury cars, you couldn’t try to promote makeup products the same way. Each audience requires a different tone and approach to marketing. If you’re stuck and looking for inspiration, what do you do? You turn to the master copywriters’ words. That’s right.

Remember that identifying and perfecting your personal writing style is the key to becoming a successful copywriter- we mean, at least 10 different types of copy exist.

Here are some that you may find fit you like a glove:

  • The Plain Copy: Plain copy emphasizes a product’s main features and benefits without making superlative claims, writing an engrossing story or trying to engage the reader.
  • Tell a Story: Storytelling contains four distinctive elements: an opening, a conflict, a dialogue, and a solution. A combination of creativity and in-depth research are the main factors that ensure the success of this type of copy, which is most suitable for landing pages and email series.
  • Create Conversational Copy: Conversational copy is written as if it were a conversation between two individuals: the prospect and the copywriter.
  • Poet Copywriting: Could you define yourself as a poet or as a seller? Isn’t it possible to be both, at least when it comes to writing copy? A seller-poet copy tells a beautiful story with well-placed calls to action that have a powerful effect on your readers. Poetic copywriting could be your ticket to success.
  • The CEO-Inspired Copy: Before finalizing a purchase, buyers should seek the advice of an expert. It is for this reason that the friendly CEO-inspired copy is so effective. Many people realize that CEOs are not cold-hearted, goal-oriented individuals. Copy like this turns CEOs into caring, down-to-earth individuals, stimulates sales, and reinforces the bond between prospects and the brand.

So there you have it-at least 7 reasons why you should use premium copywriting services to grow or consolidate your business. Don’t forget that practice makes perfect. You can perfect your own copywriting skills, or you can get out of the way and let the real master of words handle the heavy lifting.

For all of your copywriting needs, for social media and beyond, we here at Dalex Design would love to work with you. Visit www.dalexdesigngroup.com or www.dalexsocials.com


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