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Why Your Business Needs a Dedicated Social Media Manager


Aug 2021
Why Your Business Needs a Dedicated Social Media Manager

You may be wondering why your business needs a dedicated social media manager. Social media is one of the most powerful and efficient ways to market your business, regardless of its size and age. It is no longer just a discretionary marketing tool. However, many business owners will overlook this position and may even take on the duties themselves or scatter the responsibilities across their workforce. Ultimately, this common habit overwhelms team members and depletes productivity. 

A few of the common roadblocks that non-dedicated social media managers run into: 

It’s Time Consuming: Business owners who are trying to run their company often find themselves struggling to create content, schedule, and promptly respond to messages and engagements all at once.

Lack of Expertise: While business owners are incredibly gifted in their field, they may have a lack of expertise when it comes to the best practices for all of the social media channels.

Not a Strong Understanding of Messaging: Oftentimes business owners are unsure of what, where and when to post, which articles to share, what to retweet, and how to schedule things out. A social media manager can quickly develop the best strategies. 

With that said, let’s get into it!

The top reasons why your business needs a dedicated social media manager.

The Social Landscape Is Always Changing

You may have heard that social media platforms are perpetually changing. A dedicated social media manager should be entranced by the internet and technologies surrounding it. They will be able to track any new algorithm changes and trends within each platform. A social media manager will also be able to adapt the strategy content based on these latest updates.

Why Your Business Needs a Dedicated Social Media Manager

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You Need a Social Media Strategy

As we mentioned earlier, an employee who is posting at random on your social media profiles with no plan, will do a major disservice to your brand.

You should be aware that social media is not just a set-it-and-forget-it tactic. Unfortunately, a lot of people handle their social media channels this way. In many ways, this approach can do greater harm than good. This alone is a good enough of a reason as to why your business needs a dedicated social media manager. 

Having a plan developed for social media will require the social media expert to come together with all the other people who are executing other marketing campaigns (direct mail, email, TV, radio) on your brand’s behalf. Doing this will prevent your efforts from being siloed, It also increases the synergy of all your marketing efforts – online and offline.

At the end of the day, your social media manager will be able to bake in their campaigns to all other campaigns you’re working on, and provide better leads, engagement, and results. 

You’ll Get a Locked In Social Media Calendar

Your social media manager will not only put together the strategy, being mindful of other marketing efforts, but will also develop a social media calendar which they should share with you on a monthly basis. This should be a combination of campaigns that are both paid and organic that they plan on executing on your behalf.

The social media manager will also be able to gauge what your primary goals are for the year (or on a quarterly basis) and translate them into social media content and campaigns.

… And Consistent Social Content

There’s nothing worse than searching for a company on social media, only to find that it’s a ghost town and their page hasn’t been updated in ages. A dedicated social media manager will make it their main priority to post consistently on each platform on a frequent basis. They will also know what type of content will be best received on each platform, instead of just posting the same message on every profile your business has. 

You may be wondering – why the need to post so frequently? Well, posting consistently will help you build a social media following. If you’re currently having a difficult time attracting new followers and generating buzz, posting on a regular basis to your accounts could be the change you need to make. 

Not to mention, by posting consistent social content, you’ll have another way to drive traffic to your business’s website. A social media manager will be able to do this by sharing promotions, blog posts, and other links that will lead followers back to your website.

Someone Should Represent Your Business Online

Many business owners don’t realize that social media isn’t just for sharing content or advertising products and services – it can be used as a customer management tool, too.

This is a huge reason why your business needs a dedicated social media manager.

In fact, customers are expecting your business to provide customer service through mediums like Facebook, but in reality only 23% of businesses actually deliver on this. The same goes for Twitter- only 70% of customer service complaints go unanswered by businesses.

Nowadays, customers are quick to leave reviews online- the good, the bad, and the ugly. You need to have someone who can monitor this on a regular basis for you. If you ignore feedback on social media, you may lose them as a customer. 

Just to give you an idea, according to a Forbes report, 66% of consumers stopped doing business with a company after receiving poor customer service on social media alone.

Don’t risk losing customer retention by ignoring this medium. 

A dedicated social media manager will constantly be on high alert to reach and respond to each message, review, and comment happening within social media for your business.

A good manager will also have the right process in place with regards to triaging, and they should also be aware of how to conduct themselves within the platform, representing the brand to the best of their ability.

The action of responding to a comment, whether it’s negative or positive, should also be done within a certain timeframe. Time is of the essence in this case, so the sooner, the better.

Regardless of the comment a customer leaves online, your brand can either help solve a problem for an existing or future customer or client, or it can simply make someone respect how your brand conducts itself on social media.

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You’ll See Steady Growth

This likely goes without saying, but a social media manager should effectively coordinate with different departments to organize different campaign launches, while still pushing launches and growth initiatives of their own for your business. 

You should see an ROI as time goes by with your social media manager, and you should also be given updates on analytics at least every month- which brings us to our next point. 

There Will Be an Increase in Social Media Engagement

If your goal is to have more comments and likes on your posts, you’re in luck. Your followers, fans and subscribers are more likely to engage with your brand when there’s more to offer. Because a good social media manager will make sure that your business’s social outlets are filled with interesting and helpful content, this growth should come naturally. 

You’ll Attract New Customers

A social media manager with a strong knowledge of marketing can create online promotions, advertisements, and campaigns that are essential in building brand awareness. This isn’t just for attracting new customers, but targeting new ones as well. Yet, another reason as to why your business needs a dedicated social media manager. 

You’ll See Quality Reporting & Tracking

Having a social media manager who is in charge of all your marketing efforts can help you to improve any existing campaigns that you may have currently running. In addition to this, they can also keep your brand agile, by changing creatives, objectives, creatives, and content if your current efforts aren’t working.

As mentioned earlier, a social media manager will check your campaigns regularly, turn underperforming ads off, and optimize other campaigns to make sure your money is being put to good use

This all provides tremendous value at end-of-the-month reporting. They should provide documentation that tells you:  

• What was executed that month.

• How well did it perform compared to the previous months?

• What should be accomplished next?

When you have a dedicated social media manager working on these efforts around the clock, you will most likely be very successful! 

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Your Brand Will Have a Consistent Voice

Every business has its own unique voice that customers grow familiar with. 

It’s easy for a brand’s voice to get easily lost when more than one person handles your social media accounts. A social media manager will prevent this common concern and ensure that your business’s voice stays consistent and remain in tune with your brand. 

It Establishes Your Business as An Authority

It’s only natural… When your business has a large and positive social media presence online, you can be sure that consumers will view you as a leading authority in your industry. This will result in increased brand loyalty.


By now you can see why your business needs a dedicated social media manager, and why hiring a professional in this area will do more than just guarantee an active social media presence- it will also improve branding, customer service, expand engagement and growth, increase sales and much more.

Someone who can contribute 100% to your marketing strategy and goals will yield a much better result than having a non-expert posting content at random on behalf of your business and brand. 

Dalex Socials would love to work with you on any of your social media needs. Learn more about our services at www.dalexsocials.com and www.dalexdesigngroup.com

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